Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal Modem

Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal Modem is a type commonly used for television , modem , and radio as well as other electronic supporting frequency bands , in use in order to increase the signal capture power and stabilize the signal shot when perceived in a certain area is very difficult to get a signal
* Driven is the point of supply of antenna cable , the length of a half wavelength frequency driven
* Reflector is a rear reflector antenna that serves as a signal , longer than driven .
* Director is part directional antenna , its size is slightly shorter than the driven .

Here we will discuss about Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal Modem , where the antenna can be used for all types of modem ( Modem GSM and CDMA )

Antena Yagi suport all modems , multifunction for Voice and Data , amplifies the signal GSM 3G HSDPA HSUPA CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev . A Rev . B. Reinforcement Signal using outdor antenna is one of the requirements to obtain the maximum connection speed of factors in addition to the provider ( the data packets are used , the user traffic , BTS conditions etc. . ) . Results The use of antennas in the field can vary due to factors of topography , population density , the thickness of the walls of the building , and the devices used .
this Example of Antena Yagi penguat sinyal 45 dB and Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal 85 dB

Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal 45 dB is used to amplify the signal in the modem, the power of his journey to reach 17 km, very small and compact in design because seminimalis possible, without the use of wings on the back side but strengthened with the accuracy of the distance driven and fin antenna
Antena Yagi Penguat Sinyal 85 dB can be used for far distance (up to 28 Km) with a great design and is equipped with a rear wing in the absorption signal and a triple fin driven and accuracy in the capture of yagi antenna’s signal makes most enjoy doing in the area the coverage of the signal is very weak

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